Timeless By Tiffany Photography | About
“Where Your Moments In Life…Stand Still”

Timeless By Tiffany Photography is a photography business owned & operated by Tiffany Freischlag. I am the mother of five, ranging in ages of 23~5. I realize the differences first hand of raising and documenting the lives of children of varying ages and the challenges & rewards that go with each. I count my blessings on a daily basis of what I've been given in each of my children & I treasure the moments & images captured of all of them. I love to look back at the photographs I have of each one of them and to recall the feelings and emotions I felt when those moments were "captured" forever.

I aim to capture your "Moments of Life," so that each image will "stand still" and be treasured for a lifetime. In photographing your Life, Family, Wedding or Special Event I strive in making you feel relaxed so that I can capture the best Images possible. I do not want you to feel pressured to "make" you or your family "perfect." The more comfortable, the better, I want to capture your "real" moments and feelings, not your "studio" ones. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture your Moments in Life.

Treasuring Life, Moments & Experiences and preserving those feelings & images for the future to come-
That's my goal in photographing you, your family & your moments.

I hope you truly enjoy your experience and will treasure each and every image that will “Stand Still” for a lifetime.

Tiffany Freischlag